Why You Should Send Your Child to Private Schools

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For many parents, the decision to send their child to public or private school is simple, but others may prefer to weigh their options before making a choice. There are many reasons to choose private schools, although there are a few characteristics that may cause parents to hesitate, as well.

The characteristic that draws most parents to private high schools and academy middle schools is an emphasis on quality education. Many private schools have higher graduation rates than public schools, and smaller classroom sizes allow teachers to give students more individualized attention. Because they aren’t limited by state-mandated curriculum, many private schools offer a wider variety of classes for students to choose from.

Another advantage that top private middle schools and high schools have over their public counterparts is safety. Many parents feel that the smaller, closed campuses of private schools offers their children more security as they go about their day. With fewer access points and more office staff on hand, someone is less likely to be able to get inside a private school without being noticed.

Of course, private and charter schools aren’t without their downsides. Public schools serve a wider variety of students, offering them the chance to meet and interact with children of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, while their private counterparts tend to be very homogeneous. Parents may also be unable or unwilling to pay the tuition required to send their children to private schools. Fortunately, financial aid based on need and scholarships for academic achievement are available to interested parents.

Whether you wish to send your child to private schools for safety reasons, because they have an emphasis on religion, or simply because of higher graduation rates, it is important to find the right institution. Spend time visiting private schools in your area and discussing your child’s needs with teachers and administrators before deciding which school is right for your family.

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