Private Schools Offer a Safe, Comfortable Learning Environment


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Dedicated teachers, smaller and safer schools, small class sizes, high academic standards, excellent music, arts and athletics programs – all these factors set private schools apart from public schools. These are also all the factors parents take into account when they are looking for the best school for their children. Not surprisingly, a growing number of parents pick a private middle school for their children.

In fact from preschool through elementary, middle school and high school, parents who want the best for their children tend to enroll them in private schools.

Private schools offer a more personal, safer environment

Private schools offer a smaller, more personal and comfortable learning environment for children. Compared to public schools, private schools are on average less than half the size. A large majority of private schools, 86% of the total, have less than 300 students.

This means a stable, familiar environment for your children to learn and grow among teachers and fellow students they can trust. A study conducted by the Fraser Institute in 2007 confirmed this view. It found that among the parents with children in private school who were surveyed, around 72% strongly agreed that their children’s schools were safe.

Private schools promote achievement in academics and beyond

The Fraser Institute cited above also found that 91% of the parents surveyed said that their main reason for choosing a private school for their children was the dedication of the teachers. Qualified, dedicated teachers and small class sizes contribute to student success.

Among other things, student success can be measured in terms of SAT scores. Students in independent schools performed better than the national average, scoring 541 in reading, 579 in math, and 550 in writing. By comparison, the average national SAT scores were 497, 514, and 489 respectively.

The private school advantage actually begins in preschool years and continues through private middle school and high school. For parents, giving their children ahold start in life is one of the major concerns. Private schools help parents fulfill their aspirations for their children.

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