The Top 6 Benefits of Private School


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Picking the right school for your child is a hard decision. All parents want to do the right thing but what that is exactly differs for every family. This is a very personal decision. This decision is very personal. It does not matter if you are looking at preschool, elementary school middle school or high school; it does not matter. There are some very real benefits to private school education. Here are a few of them.

  1. You get a smaller class size in private school. Smaller class sizes translate into better academic performance for everyone in those classes. This is one of the main benefits of private school education. The earlier you start your child in a private school, the more they benefit from being in a class with fewer other kids. A child who starts in private preschool will get a lot more out of the situation than a kid who starts in private high school. These smaller classes allow the teachers to discover and help students with their specific weaknesses. This also lets them discover their pupils’ strengths so they can help them thrive.
  2. The teachers are dedicated. When asked, 91% of parents with children in private school say they think the teachers at their kid’s private school are very dedicated, qualified and passionate about both teaching and the subject matter they teach. Another one of the benefits of private school education is that many of the teachers have received advanced degrees in the subjects that they teach. Students, teachers and parents form tight bonds that are not possible in a public school setting. A lot of this is because of the smaller classes.
  3. Parents make up a big part of the private school community. Communication between parents, teachers, students and the school administration is an important part of the private school experience. The school organizes traditional parent-teacher conferences but the interaction between parents and teachers goes farther than that. Private schools also put together family camping weekends and family breakfasts for social interaction. Parents participate in fundraising for the school. A child’s private school education includes a lot of input from their parents. These things do not happen in public schools.
  4. Private schools are very safe. Many parents consider this to be one of the more key benefits of private school education. Part of the safety comes from the smaller class size. Teachers are better able to maintain order and calm in their classrooms. The private school campus is a much more controlled environment because of the staff to student ratio. Dangerous behavior is reduced by the strong community that discourages it. Because the schools are safer, students end up having a better experience. They learn discipline that helps them advance academically.
  5. They offer wonderful extracurricular activities. Students who attend private schools get a very well rounded education. While the academic programs that are offered are the first priority of all private schools, they do not miss the chance to help their students become well rounded people. They encourage their students to participate in clubs, the arts, music or sports. Research shows that this participation actually helps them with their studies. Students who are active in these areas tend to be more interested in their academic endeavors. These activities can give them a chance to destress and get more social interaction with other students and staff.
  6. Your child will be prepared for the world as it is and how it will be. Private schools are able to move beyond a mandatory curriculum, another one of the benefits of private school education is the specialized programs they can offer to their students. These include programs in sports, the arts, science and math. Many leaders in the fields of business, politics and society were the products of private schools. Students who achieve more in life because of their private school education did not always look like they would be as successful. Many parents seek out private school for children who suffer from learning disabilities or behavioral issues.

While there are a great many reasons to send your child to a private school, the decision to do so is personal. Spend some time at the school to see what you should really do.

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