Cosmetology ClassesYou’ve Come a Long Way Baby!


Esthetician programs

Cosmetology has long been a popular career choice for many people. As a form of artistry, people choose this profession as a way to use their gift while doing something they love to do.

There are unlimited opportunities under the classification of cosmetology and its related fields. Nail technology and skin care have grown in popularity in recent years. Makeup artistry is a lucrative choice as a career as well. Makeup artists are needed in a wide variety of ways; for instance, a makeup artist is very necessary for stage and screen. For every movie made and every play produced there has been at least one professional hired to handle the makeup needs of the actors. At times a team of makeup artists will work together on a job, especially if there is a large cast of people participating in a movie or a show. Makeup artists are hired to do the makeup for wedding parties, and makeup artists even handle the makeup for funerals. Makeup artistry requires not only talent, but also training and education. Professionals who work in cosmetology and its related fields need to know about human anatomy and even certain medical information that could, in one way or another, have some bearing on their work.

There are an estimated 770,000 men and women working within the field of hair styling and cosmetology. It is thought that approximately 267,000, or 35%, of them are free agents, not affiliated with any one organization or corporation. In fact, in the area of some form of cosmetology, makeup artistry, or hair styling, there are said to be about 1.1 million people working in the United States alone.

Cosmetology classes are widely available in most towns and cities to people of all ages who feel an interest for this field. Some high schools offer cosmetology classes as part of a program that will help young people to prepare for a career and work toward attaining their cosmetology license before they graduate. Cosmetology classes will cover a wide range of hair care, skin care, and nail care techniques, as well as a long list of other skills under the classification of beauty.

Esthetician programs are available, as well, that teach students the intricacies of skin care. Skin care covers a much broader sphere of education and opportunity than is probably evident to most people. Licensed estheticians are equipped to work with clients not only in spas and salons, but also work in the fields of beauty consulting, marketing for skin care products, and in field of paramedical skincare. Paramedical estheticians work in dermatologist offices or with plastic surgeons, assisting with procedures and helping patients through their recovery. They sterilize equipment in preparation for procedures and explain pre-op and post-op care to patients. Licensing for a paramedical esthetician is exactly the same as for an esthetician.

Estheticians are licensed and trained to give not only facials, but also waxing, pore cleansing, body wraps, and aromatherapy. They are educated in skin care problems, how to recognize them, and how to treat them. Estheticians are licensed professionals who are able to look at skin under magnifying lamps and other special equipment, and can offer advice on skin care regimens for clients to try in order to improve or heal the skin.

There are currently 1,569 beauty schools in the United States. These are accredited learning centers where men and women can go through the proper training and licensing preparations that will lead them to a lucrative career in some form, or forms, of cosmetology. These schools also offer nail classes and skin care programs in order to give students opportunities to branch out within their career.

With make up being a continuously sought after commodity for not only the average woman, but also for people in all types of life walks as well, there will always be a steadfast need for men and women who are trained, educated, and licensed in this field. This is a career of perpetual change, new ideas, new discoveries, and new ways to express a beloved form of artistry. Cosmetology classes could be just the right niche for the budding artist! It is certainly worth looking into…

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