What Do You Do as a Medical Assistant?

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Technical college

The in demand industries in the United States are taking a shift. Previously, high school graduates were encouraged to attend a four year college. From here, they were expected to go on for further education, obtaining an even higher academic degree. However, current jobs demand employees with more of a technical background. Those working in the technical industries do not require a four year degree. Instead, they require a technical degree. One of these industries is that of medical assisting. The medical assistant career is highly in demand and will only continue to grow in need. What do you do as a medical assistant?

You help people in their time of need

Most of us have been there. We are sitting in a doctor?s office, waiting for some type of diagnostic test. Usually, the doctor leaves the room and then sends in their medical assistant. The medical assistant then performs the test. This is a time when people are nervous, panicked, and uneasy. It is the medical assistant?s job to ease their concerns and provide them with a quick medical test. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 60% of medical assistants work in doctors? offices.

You handle medical billing and coding

What do you do as a medical assistant? Some medical assistants prefer the clerical side of the industry and a typical work day is drastically different than the previous one described. Medical billers and coders work in the medical office or hospital setting. They code different medical conditions and medications of patients and then submit those codes to the health insurance providers. This is a highly detailed position that requires good organization, dedication, and attention to detail. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects demand for medical billing and coding specialists to increase by 15% from 2014 to 2024. It is a relatively economy proof position, as people will always require medical care. Medical billing and coding schools will prepare you for this in demand, up and coming industry.

You work closely with the physician

Medical assistant training programs teach you the necessary skills to assist all types of physicians. You will work closely with physicians of all specialties. You will have the ability to learn from the physicians and to learn important, hands on, medical skills in the industry. What do you do as a medical assistant? You are the physician?s right hand person. They will rely on you for medical equipment, organization, and assistance. Choosing a good technical career institute is important to ensure that you are prepared to help out physicians in any setting.

Pharmacy duties

Although you will not be a pharmacist, per se, you will have the ability to learn about a variety of medications and their usages. In 2015, there were 397,430 pharmacy technicians working in the United States. Most patients look to their entire medical team for pharmaceutical advice. While pharmacy schools teach pharmacists the in depth contents and purposes of different medications, the medical assisting program will give you a basic understanding. You will also learn about potential interactions among medications, so that you are able to identify them in your patients.

What do you do as a medical assistant? Well, you do a little bit of everything. You work daily in a medical setting. Your role as a medical assistant might include administering medical tests for patients, coding and billing insurance providers, looking for medication usage and interactions among patients, and working closely along with physicians. The life of a medical assistant is an interesting and complex position. Rarely are two days filled with the same working tasks. Becoming a medical assistant also does not require a four year degree. You can obtain your medical assisting certification through a technical school.

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