Why Online and Blended Learning is Becoming a Popular Alternative to the Traditional Classroom

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New technologies are opening up all kinds of possibilities in education, such as online and blended classes. Independent high schools that offer online education alongside traditional classes give students the alternative of customized, self-paced classes. There are many advantage to online learning, including more individual attention from teachers and higher student motivation to learn. With many benefits, online and blended K-12 education will continue to grow and expand the options available to students.

The rapid growth of online and blended learning
New technology is changing the world of education rapidly, with online learning and hybrid classes. According to Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen, within just a coupe of years, by 2019, half of all K-12 classes will be online. In the 2013-14 academic year alone, there were 447 full-time virtual schools, enrolling nearly 262,000 students. In addition, there were 88 blended schools with 26,155 students enrolled.
At the present time, about 5% of all K-12 students take online or blended courses, according to the Evergreen Education Group. Virtual high schools offer the benefits of a high-tech quality education. The education they offer is customized, flexible, and supportive. With multiple benefits for students and their families, the number of online and blended classes will continue to grow.

What are the benefits of hybrid learning schools?
Independent high schools offer education that gives students the academic, technology and life skills to succeed after graduation. A large majority, or 76% of respondents in a survey by Learning in the 21st Century felt that blended learning, which combines online and classroom instructions is beneficial to students. Traditional schools have class sizes of around 30 students, making it difficult for teachers to give students individual attention. In asynchronous online learning environments, teachers can engage students and their work more fully.
The majority of teachers, of 59%, report that students are actually more motivated to learn in a blended learning environment, according to the Blackboard K-12 2013 Trends in Online Learning study. Parents agree with this assessment and 62% believed that the ability to work at their own pace was a benefit of online learning, according to the 2013 Trends in Online Learning.

Online classes offer self paced learning
When compared to traditional classroom learning, online education performs at a comparable level. Independent high schools that offer online and blended classes provide flexible, customized education.
Students are motivated to be creative self starters. Students can enroll at any time and complete coursework and exams at their own pace. They can access lessons from anywhere in the world. They can also take advantage of face to face instruction at learning centers to supplement their online work.

Independent high schools that offer online and blended learning are changing the face of education. With flexible, customized classes online, they’re making it possible for more and more students to acquire the skills and knowledge they will need after graduation. Virtual high schools have real benefits for students, and their numbers and enrollment can be expected to continue to grow.

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