What Are The Highest Earning Industries In America?


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Being an entrepreneur isn’t just who or what you know. It’s the potential you see in the world around you.

You can never have a stronger foundation than the one you build right under your own feet. More people than ever before are starting to shoot for the stars when it comes to education, signing up for online classes and looking up local universities in their area after a few unsuccessful years moving between jobs. To be an entrepreneur is to take your earnings by the proverbial horns and chart your own course. An MBA degree can make this long and involving process a little easier.

The State Of Education Today

Everyone has a different perspective on their education. One person may be satisfied with their high school degree, choosing to supplement their future learning with internships and first-hand experience. Another may prefer a more classic route with a four-year degree. As of today, busy schedules and new families make it very difficult to complete a more intensive college program. When your potential earnings are much higher with the aid of a degree, it’s not hard to see why people are making the plunge no matter how they originally started out.

Online courses are commonly stereotyped as less functional or less ‘real’ than a traditional classroom setting. The fact of the matter is much different.

The Flexibility Of Online Classes

An online course can offer you the flexibility and accessibility you wouldn’t get at a traditional university. You can study on-the-go and learn at your own pace, opening up doors that might not have been possible otherwise. A Global Shapers Survey saw nearly 80% of respondents around the world reporting having taken at least one, if not several, online courses. Another survey by the same group saw 40% of respondents saying online education is just as strong as a more traditional approach.

People with families, who regularly travel or who struggle with chronic illness can all benefit from a more flexible means of studying.

The Highest Earning Industries

All industries have their ups and downs. Some are in higher demand than others, however, and those who want to increase their earning potential need to keep a close eye on where the loudest voices are. The American healthcare sector is growing at an exponentially high rate and is a perfect choice for new MBA grads. A recent graduate at an MBA program can expect to make over $150,000 as a healthcare consultant. Similar industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry and physical therapy industry, also boast increasing requests for new blood.

It’s important to remember being an entrepreneur is just as much a mindset as it is a series of actions.

Taking The First Step On Your Journey

Starting a new family, changing your career path or reconsidering your past education shouldn’t get in the way of you charting your own path. There are more options than ever for all kinds of people looking to make more annually and achieve their personal goals. With an executive MBA degree you’ll have a much better chance at moving up than if you had attempted the journey on your own. A survey conducted by The Learning House saw nearly 45% of online students reporting active improvement in their employment standing through their education.

MBA programs are waiting for your unique perspective. All you have to do is take the first step.

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