5 Smart Tips for Finding the Right Preschool


Before children enroll in kindergarten, many of them will attend preschool. In fact, one study found that almost 75% of young children throughout the United States attend a preschool program. Before enrolling your child in a preschool, it’s understandable to want to do your research. However, many parents wonder exactly how to find a preschool that’s right for them and their children. Here are five helpful tips for finding the right preschool.

  • Start Your Search as Soon as Possible

    As with many things in life, it’s important to be prepared. This is true while searching for the right preschool. You’ll find that preschools offer tours at certain times of the year. In most cases, these tours are available before this school’s enrollment period begins. If you’re not keeping up with these dates, you might miss out on these enrollment periods.
  • Look for a Preschool That Accompanies Your Schedule

    Many parents live busy lives to be able to provide for their children. Considering that, you’ll be glad to know that preschools typically offer both half and full day programs. Research shows that almost 51% of children aged three to five years old attending full day programs during 2015. If you’re unable to leave your job during the morning hours, a full day program might be the best option. On the other hand, certain parents might feel that a half day program is best for both them and their children.
  • Ask About Taking a Preschool Tour

    Another important step in regards to finding the right preschool is touring these facilities. Certain tours will allow you to speak with staff members while school is in session. This helps to give you a clearer picture of how a preschool operates. That being said, each parent will have different preferences regarding what to look for in a preschool. Before attending a preschool tour, think about writing down questions or storing them in your phone. This helps to ensure you’ll find out everything you need to know about a preschool.
  • Finding an Optimal Teacher to Student Ratio

    While finding the right preschool, it helps to learn important data. What that in mind, it’s wise to inquire about a preschool’s teacher to student ratio. This ratio gives you information regarding how many children a single adult watches over. Many parents want to avoid environments where large groups of children are being watched over by a single adult. Therefore, it’s best to find a preschool that focuses on having one teacher watch over smaller groups of children.
  • Location is an Extremely Important Factor

    You’ll also find it helpful to choose a preschool that’s relatively close to you. While no parent wants to think about this, it’s important to find a close preschool should an emergency situation take place. If you need to pick up your child from a preschool, it’s not wise to drive hours to complete this task. Therefore, it’s a great idea to find a preschool that’s in close proximity to where you live and work.

To summarize, finding the right preschool for your child is an extremely important decision. The demand for preschool education is certainly increasing throughout the United States. Experts predict, from 2016 to 2026, employment of preschool teachers will grow by 10%. If you’re ready to find the right preschool for your child, it’s important to follow several steps. While it will take time and effort, this allows you to ensure you’re making the right decisions for your young child.

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