Preschool is more than just a sitter service


Are thinking about where you are going to send your toddler next year for school?

Preschool might be the best viable option versus daycare.

Daycares primarily work as a sitter service.

It just doesn’t constitute as a sitter service, they will be educated as well.

It’s safe to say, most parents will want their significant child to thrive as early as possible.

So why not enroll them in preschool?

Here are some benefits to enrolling your child in preschool.


While attending preschool, children often get exposed to an academic environment, early.
As a matter of fact, research shows primary programs are cultivated to provide an educational experience for kindergarten, preschool, and nursery school programs.

Preschools have been growing because of this.

From 1990- 2013, the enrollment of children in preprimary programs had increased from 59 to 65 percent.

They learn pre-math skills such as counting and numbers.

This is essential for them because they are learning the basic foundations of math.

Basic shapes is another element that preschool teachers teach their students.

With basic shapes, preschoolers are learning the fundamentals of geometry.

Children will learn the alphabet, which is a pathway to reading.

Grade school is a little more rigorous, so its good that they are learning these skills.

At Daycare, children do have a few academic lessons, but it is still primarily a sitter service.

Social interaction

Along with academics, students will garner social skills, while being in the preschool environment.< br>

In class, children participate in activities such as centers and recess.

During centers children play in different stations consists of housekeeping, block building, literacy, music, just to name a few.

While playing in the centers, the children communicate with one another.

By communicating, they are conversing, which means they are practicing forming words.

Majority of the students may not get a chance to practice talking, because they are listening to the teacher.

Centers would be a perfect time for them to talk with their other classmates.

Children will also learn manners while they are in centers.

To be more specific, let’s say in block building, child A wants to play with a red block.

He then snatches from child B.

Child B starts to cry insistently.

The teacher informs child A that if he wanted the red block, he should have said please.

Now the next time child A wants something he will ask.

Centers assisted the child in manifesting good social skills such as mannerism.

At recess, children learn the ideology of teamwork, to some capacity
The preschool games they play, assist with that.

For example, preschoolers play a game called Zoo Animals Roll and Move Game.

During this game, they can play together in a small group.

Look at the instructions for the game below.

• Roll the die.
• Name the animal.
• Read the sentence.
• Students move as the animal does.
• Pass the die to the next child.
• Child will roll the die.
• He or she name the animal.
• The whole class moves like an animal.
• They repeat it.
This game is allowing the preschoolers to work together and figure out how to identify the animal.
One child might roll the die and a picture of a duck comes up.

He or she may not know what a duck looks like.

If the children are in a group, they can help him or her figure it out.

This solidifies teamwork. Preschool is a valuable stepping stone for a child’s progression into grade school.

It’s more than just a sitter service.

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