Where Will Your Children Attend School?


Parenting can be a challenge. One moment a mother is trying to figure out how she wants to spend her time. Another moment a father is making the decision to go for a new promotion or to remain in a current position. Juggling busy days at the office with the energy needed to spend time with children in the evening is always a challenge. Of all of the decisions parents make, however, few things are more important than education. When it comes time for families to send their children off to a classroom, the choices that are made impact every part of a child’s future.

Whether you want to send your children to one of the local private schools or into the public school classrooms close to home, the teachers, the education philosophy, and the other children in the room will have a major impact on any child who heads off to school.

Classroom Teachers Determine the Success of a Classroom
You can send your child to the newest school building in the city. You can select a school for your child that is the highest rated in the state. The success of your child, however, will not be determined by the newness of the building or the ratings of the district. It will be determined by the teacher. In some instances, the teachers in some schools are more successful because the district or governing body demands advanced degrees. In fact, one of the reasons that some private schools are successful is that 60% to 80% of these teachers have advanced degrees.
Fortunately, there are also public schools that have incentives to encourage their teachers to complete advanced degrees as well. A combination of a well trained and educated teacher with a sense of compassion and humor creates a learning environment that will reach the most students possible.

Local Private Schools and Public Schools Can Vary in Educational Philosophies
Whether you are looking at private schools in Miami or considering the local public school in Nebraska, it is important to visit the school and ask enough questions so that you understand the educational philosophy that is in place. Some schools, for instance, offer rigorous and traditional curriculum plans, while others offer Montessori and other options. Classes that blend different educational philosophies can offer many families the perfect combination. A growing number of schools incorporate summer arts programs that allow families to continue an educational pursuit beyond the traditional nine months of most school calendars.

In addition, an increasing number of schools are implementing programs that include Spanish language immersion or technology based programs that will allow students to compete in a future that is both demanding and competitive.

Certain School Populations Can Enhance the Education Your Child Gets
We live in a complicated and complex world. More and more studies show that experiencing a diverse group of students can help everyone in the class be more successful. Although there are advantages to the Advanced Placement and honors programs offered at local private schools and many public school classrooms, it is also important for your child to be in spaces with a wide variety of students.

Diversity in economics, ability, and ethnicity allows students to learn at an early age that not everyone in alike. The most elite local private schools may offer a rigorous curriculum, but if the classrooms are full of students who are exactly alike they are not going to be as successful in preparing students for the future.

Both local private schools and public schools that bus students to focus schools across town can offer a number of educational opportunities to your child. Private schools account for 25% of the nation’s schools and enroll 10% of all pre kindergarten to 12th grade students. The fact of the matter is, however, many families cannot afford the expense of a private school. The good news is that there are a number of very good public schools in cities across the country. Taking the time to evaluate key factors like the quality of the teachers, the philosophy of the school, and the diversity of the students can help parents decide if the public or private school that you are considering is going to be the right fit.

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