Environmental Consulting and Testing Help in Determining Quality Construction


There are many consultants needed during the construction of a new building along with many tests that need to be run before its approval for occupancy. In many situations, there is a value to environmental consulting and testing that helps to check for things like mold, asbestos, termites, and other pests. So long as all of these are nowhere the home or other building, then there is the “OK” to move in. One of the most common areas of the new building that has to be checked is the foundation in order to help determine long-term strength for the building.

Quality Foundations

Considering the fact that the foundation is needed to uphold the greatest strength of any building, it is most often the part of any building that requires the greatest industrial compliance and permitting. It needs to be laid out and built properly before the rest of the building can be completed, and there is much that needs to be tested in order to make sure that it can withstand the soil on or in which it is being built. In order to make sure that the foundation meets standards there are things like mold testing and asbestos testing to help make sure that these items are not seeping into this new construction from the beginning. Within all of this environmental consulting and testing services are able to help determine compliance from the beginning.

Additional Water and Environmental Testing

Things like these soakers are not the only issue that comes into play with the construction of a home. Upon purchasing an older home there are many other tests that need to be completed as well in order to make sure that the home environment is livable. Some of these include environmental testing, indoor air quality and mold sampling, asbestos testing, and mold testing. Additionally, there is the question of water, and whether a roof will be able to handle the rainwater that it will have to hold. For about an inch of rain that falls on 1,000 square feet of roof, there are about 600 gallons of runoff water. This adds a great deal of additional water around your home and that which is soaking into the soil around your foundation. Environmental consulting and testing can help to determine whether or not the foundation will be able to withstand this amount of water based upon the amount of average annual rain that occurs in your area.

No matter what time of the construction or purchase process that this may be, there is much to consider regarding industrial compliance for any construction project as well as the standards that come along with purchasing a home. Environmental testing and consulting are definitely very important when it comes to making sure that homes are healthy living spaces. Upon passing all testing and meeting compliance standards, these consultants are able to provide the “all-clear” to move into a home feeling completely comfortable that you are good to go.

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