The Importance Of The CAM license


If you’re looking into getting your Florida CAM license, you are certainly not alone. The Florida CAM license, or community association manager license, as it is also commonly known, is growing more and more popular for many people. Getting a Florida CAM license does, after all, open up quite a bit of opportunity in your world. For many people, getting a Florida CAM license is even taking a step in the right direction as investing in a new career entirely, something that might sound surprising but is actually quite true.

In fact, getting one’s Florida CAM license is even a requirement for a number of different job opportunities. For one thing, you’ll need a Florida CAM license if you have been elected to a housing board. And proof of this license must be given quite quickly after being elected in such a position – at least within 90 days after first being hired or elected. Without a Florida CAM license, many board members throughout the state would very much not be able to perform their current job, just based off of various issues with legality.

Of course, the Florida CAM license has other benefits as well. Taking a CAM course can provide you with the information – and the certification – needed to manage residential properties that have ten units or more. These properties can range from high rise apartment buildings to trailer parks and all will require the presence of a Florida CAM license. However, the role of a CAM is certainly not just that of a property manager. While the role of the typical property manager is still quite important indeed, the role of a community association manager goes truly so much deeper than that – and this is why it’s important to note that a community association manager will very much need a Florida CAM license while a property manager, no matter what state they might work out of, will not.

After all, the duties of the typical community association manager are quite varied and intensive in comparison to the role that a property manager will play, at least typically. For instance, a community association manager with a Florida CAM license (or a CAM license for use in another state, for that matter) is likely to have to control, as well as distribute, various home owner’s association funds. This can mean handling a great deal of money with care, intelligence, and responsibility, something that having a Florida CAM license can certainly equip you to deal with far better than if you did not have one.

And this is certainly quite far from the only responsibility that community association manager will have. In addition to the above, someone with a Florida CAM license who is working as a community association manager is also likely to be expected to budget. In addition to even this, they will be the ones who get together meetings with the organization as a whole and compile the information that they deem important for the members of the community in question to be as aware of as is possible. Various other services will be required on a day to day basis as well, often in conjunction with all of the above. This, however, is likely to vary quite considerably from property to property, as many properties throughout the state of Florida and even throughout the country as a whole will have quite dramatically different needs.

And staying up to date with your Florida CAM license through a CAM online course is a must, as this will help you to stay as up to date as possible with your work as a whole. If you do not renew your license on a regular basis, it will become out of date and will then no longer be valid. As long as you are working in such a role that requires one, this is absolutely something that should be avoided at all costs. Typically, you will need to renew your Florida CAM license during every even numbered year. The renewal process will need to be done before the end of September of that year, as this is when every CAM license that has not been renewed will end up expiring and becoming unable to be used and ineffective.

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