What Is The Private School Difference? Studies Show An Increased Chance Of Attending A Four-Year College

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Education takes on many forms. Choosing the right institution to guide your child is a matter of personal preference, location, and budget. What happens when you want several benefits in one package, though?

You turn to the private school model, a tried and true educational institution that brings out the best in any child. Designed for quality over quantity, the best private school Miami setting could be the decision you’re looking for. Local private schools are well-known around the country for being reliable, supportive, and constantly raising the bar. You can expect to see higher grades. You can look forward to a camp for artistic kids.

Even better…you can look forward to all of that and more. What could the private schools in West Kendall do to improve your child’s confidence?

This may come as a surprise, but the private school option doesn’t have to start in high school. Many families today try to get started on the right foot early, enrolling their children in daycare preschools modeled after the private institution. According to recent studies, more private school students in 2011 and 2012 were enrolled in kindergarten than any other grade. When you consider the powerful foundation required for a child’s first six years, it’s unsurprising. Education stays with you for a lifetime.

Psychology is an ever-evolving field. It constantly brings in new information to muse over, changing outdated methodologies on the fly. Psychologists have determined children learn the most during their first six years of life. When you look into the best private schools in West Kendall for your little one, you set them up for success by covering all the basics. This can then be extended to private elementary, middle schools, and high schools.

Did you know over 85% of all private schools have fewer than 300 students? This is just one of the many wonderful benefits of making the switch. Larger classrooms can often see children overlooked, which is detrimental to their self-esteem and learning retention. Smaller classrooms, however, provide a one-on-one experience that allows your child’s needs to flourish. They can ask more questions, get more answers, and make more progress.

This benefit is being embraced by today’s parents. A recent educational survey found there are over 33,000 private schools in the United States, serving five and a half million students from preschool to high school. This means they account for 25% of the nation’s schools and enroll 10% of all preschool and kindergarten students. The Condition Of Education report back in 2016 also revealed there are 440,000 private school teachers available. Even as you search for the best private middle schools in your area, you can be rest assured you won’t run low on options.

The last reason to consider the best private schools in West Kendall are grades. While not wholly indicative of your child’s potential, good test scores open up a slew of options for them to look forward to. A 2010-2011 study found 65% of private high school graduates — a total sum of 305,000 students — attended a four-year college. This is a hopeful number that can cut through any doubt about your child’s future. Additional benefits, like the best summer camps in Miami and Kendall art school, are icing on the cake.

There’s no reason to keep stalling on your child’s future. Look into the best private schools in West Kendall this week and ask for a tour.

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