How To Find A Job As A Dentist

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You are in the final phase of dentist training or you are a newly minted dentist. Now you need a job. You’ve picked a good profession. In the U.S., dentists are among the top 10 most trusted professionals.

How do you go about seeking dentist openings? It can be a harrowing experience. But you need not fear the dentist job search. Below are 5 steps to finding dental opportunities.

Steps To Finding Dental Opportunities

  1. Have a plan for finding a dental position. Be flexible as you make your plan. First, you’ll want to know where you want to live and work. Perhaps, equally important is where are the dentist jobs? Do you want to work in the city with more dental opportunities or do you want to work in a rural area where finding a dental job may be more difficult? Once you have figured out location, you can start your search in earnest.
  2. Prepare your resume. You’ll need a resume so that your future employer can assess vital information, such as schooling and experience. You’ll also want to customize a cover letter for each potential employer. Do not underestimate the power of a cover letter in telling your future employer why he or she should hire you. You can mention things in your cover letter that the resume is not designed for. Make it personal and sell yourself. Lastly, have a list of personal and professional references to share upon request. This last step is very important for employers wanting to verify your qualifications and character.
  3. Apply. Use the various job search engines to look for dentist jobs in your area. You can also look for jobs in another state, for example, before you move residences. Some of the resources include,, and There are other dental job boards online as well. Or you can type into your search engine “dental jobs near me” or “companies that hire dentists.”
  4. Interview. For telephone interviews, be sure to return phone messages as soon as possible. You do not want to miss an opportunity. Many times employers will call on a prioritized basis. You don’t want your potential employer to hire number 2 when you were listed as number 1. Promptness also speaks your character, your motivation, and your desire for the job.
    • In person interview. Of course, your goal is to get an in person interview. Arrive to the interview on time, be prepared with your references or other materials, and smile. You want to present your best, authentic self. You want to be who you are, but do bring your A-game. Employers expect that candidates who want the job will bring their A-game. Importantly, treat all members of the staff with courtesy and respect. They may not be the ones that hire you, but you may work with them in the near future. Plus, the boss may ask their opinion of you. Finally, a day or two after the interview send a thank you card to your potential employer. A thank you is always appreciated and it shows class.
  5. Review the contract. If you are offered a position, look over the contract carefully, for it is legal binding. Make sure all that was said and promised in the interview is mentioned in the contract concerning pay, benefits, time off, and other matters. If you have any questions, you want to ask before you sign on the dotted line.
    • Resources for dentists? Click on the American Dental Association’s website (ADA) for information and resources for a career in dentistry.

Now that you have some first steps in what to expect and how to find a job as a dentist, you can look for dental associate jobs and dental opportunities with confidence.

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