Did You Just Graduate With a Dentistry Degree? Here Is How to Find a Job Opening


Finding an internship is typically challenging, but finding a permanent job is more challenging. Unless you use the right channels, you can take months or even years before getting a job. However, dentistry is another thing. For starters, dentistry is projected to grow by 19% between 2016 and 2026 contrary to other jobs.

The mysterious thing about jobs is that you might take long before securing one and you might not start where you wished. But, the truth is, you’ll eventually get employed and achieve your career goals. So, whether you’re looking for dental associate careers or other specializations, you get employed. Therefore, let’s look at the tips you should consider in your job hunt.

1. The Type of Practice You Want To Do

Have you decided what you want to do yet? The three types of practice you can include;

• Joining an Existing Associate

Find companies that hire dentists and enquire whether there are dental associate careers at the moment. Dental associates are employed with the idea of partnering in future. At first, you’ll work as an intern, observing the dental practice, and if you’re found ideal, you’ll become part of the associate.

• Opening Your Clinic

Suppose you can’t find dentists opening and you have the capital to start your clinic. Some graduates start their career by employing themselves, and it’s a good thing if you’re passionate about it. Moreover, it’s everyone’s dream to own and run a business. However, it’s advisable to start with dental associate careers to acquire skills and experience.

Running a dental clinic can be challenging, and you need the skills only acquirable through exposing yourself in the real dental world. So, unless you’re planning to offer dentist private jobs to a dentist with experience, find dental positions in other clinics.

• Dental Service Organization

Why did you study for dentistry? First, dentistry is an excellent earning field. But, what if you were interested in bettering the lives of patients? You can join a dental service organization which comprises of dentists who work together to care for dental patients.

Joining DSO is a great way to expose yourself to the various specialties in the dentistry industry. But, what are the qualifications for joining DSO? Certainly, you’ll have to look for dental placement services, get a job so that you gain grounds before moving to DSO. You need to establish roots for you to build a strong career.

2. Relocating and What You’ll Be Earning

Suppose you live in Seattle and there is a clinic offering dental associate careers in Chicago. Will you relocate? Make a list of countries you’d move to and search for dentist job openings in those places. When you get the job, assess whether the salary will be enough to cater for your needs.

For instance, Los Angeles is a luxurious State. Therefore, the lifestyle in Los Angeles is expensive as compared to Anchorage. So, the salary should be enough for you to survive the lifestyle of the country you’re living in.

3. The Future of Your Career as the Dentist

Where do you want to be in three years after you gain employment? The truth is, finding a job offering you good salary is not easy. But you’re a dentist, and you deserve a good pay. Unfortunately, the chances of finding a clinic where you’ll build your career as a dentist are very slim.

So, during an interview, find out whether you’ll be offered mentorship. Alternatively, since senior dentists can be busy, find training opportunities where you’ll learn new dentistry discoveries continuously.

4. Equipment and Software Used In the Clinic

Suppose you’ll be graduating in 2019. This means through the dentistry classes you’ve learned and experimented using modern tools and software. So, what will happen when you find a job that still uses traditional methods in dentistry?

Well, you can adapt but seeking employment in a clinic using modern equipment is ideal because you’ll be practicing what you’ve learnt.

Find Your Dream Job

First, congratulations! Going through several years of studying dentistry needs a determined soul, and that is you. You can now start looking for dental associate careers through NDO, and you can be sure of permanent job placement.

Happy earnings!

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