Expert Tips on a Successful Dental Associate


According to recent studies, on average, a dentist earns an hourly salary of $83.71. While dental industry jobs have been offered an opportunity for many to showcase their expertise, as an employer, you need an all-round candidate for the task at hand. You could also opt to outsource dental hiring agencies to help you with the selection process.

With agency handling issues regarding employment positions, you can focus on core competencies. There are various benefits associated with these agencies, such as finding the best fit for your dental practice and offering guidance on a case-by-case basis. Through dental hiring agencies, you can easily spot talented passive applicants who are well-suited for the job.

During the dental associate recruitment process, you need to have a checklist to pick out the best out of the pool of applicants. There are several characteristics that you could use when picking out a candidate. This article explores the various qualities to look for in a dental associate.

1. Preferred Candidate Should Possess Exceptional Listening Skills

With the many dental industry jobs, excellent listening skills are a significant factor to consider when looking to hire an associate in the field. Anyone looking for a dental associate position is required to listen intently to the patients’ predicament as well as the opinion of other medical personnel. The dental assistants are also needed to adhere to instructions from a dentist keenly.

Fellow workers who have a broad experience working in the field can offer advice to the dental assistants on how they can improve performance. Also, maintaining eye contact while addressing the patient is essential creates a sense of confidence. You want to hire a candidate that will provide constant feedback concerning what the dentist or patient said.

Most times, when patients walk into a dentist’s office, they are usually tensed about the treatment procedure. By listening carefully, the patient feels confident about the dental services, which is a contributing factor to the rate of customer retention. Dental assistants can listen to the worries of the patients’ and smoothen the entire process.

2. Social Competence

Excellent interpersonal skills are an essential trait when looking for placement in the dental industry jobs. Most people who visit the dentist do not look forward to the experience as they relate it to pain. A dental associate should be a people person with a great ability to interact and comfort the patients.

When looking for dental personnel placement, you want to work with someone who will be sensitive to the needs of the patients. The job description of a dental associate entails attending to patients and ensuring the process is pleasant and friendly. To achieve this goal, the preferred candidate should know how to handle patients who are nervous and in pain.

Additionally, the clients who visit the dentist come from different backgrounds with diverse needs. It is imperative to get a person with exceptional communication skills when screening the history of applicants for dental associate jobs. In order to deliver standard care, social skills become a necessity for candidates interested in dental associate careers.

3. Compassion for the Patients

Dental disorders are a problem that most people battle with every day, and as a result, an applicant for dental industry jobs need to be compassionate towards the patients. In a dental associate’s line of work, there are bound to experiences with patients who are scared and uncomfortable with the environment.

A dental assistant is expected to calm such patients and offer a non-judgmental solution for their distress. The patients would appreciate a kind and empathetic approach as opposed to harsh unprofessional criticism. That care, kindness, and readiness to assist the clients is essential.

Your dental practice requires the best personnel to succeed in the field. Therefore, when verifying the suitability of applicants for the dental industry jobs, it is vital to consider factors such as personality and skill. If you are looking for professional help with the hiring process, you could always consult dental placement services.

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