Laboratory Notebooks Benefits, Types, and Best Practices


The global pharma market will reach $1.12 trillion in 2022. Good Documentary practice (GDP) require proper record keeping of laboratory activities. A lab notebook is useful in recording experimental activities, support data, observations, weigh records, experimental conditions, and doing calculation.

Essentially, a laboratory notebook is the main working document in any experiment or research work. It is where you record your initial data, hypothesis, calculations, experiment set up, and early analysis. It is useful for patenting purposes. Unlike electronic devices, notebooks can be used under any condition, anywhere, any time to perform numerous essential functions in a laboratory. Here are some main benefits of using notebooks in laboratory environment. Let’s get started.

Helps to Keep Record of Your Ideas

It is important to keep a record of completed work. Similarly, it is equally important to record tasks you are yet to undertake. This means that you will need to write down tasks you will handle in the future. Preparing a to-do list is very useful when you have numerous tasks to handle. Laboratory work can be quite hectic and keeping all ideas in your head can be quite impractical. A research notebook book will help you to remember things you want to do when time comes. You can write down detailed list of things you plan to do. A notebook will provide you with this information whenever you need it. With a clear plan of what you plan to do, you will be in a position to see what you have done within a certain time and plan the best course of action.

Helps in Organizing Work

With a well-detailed plan, you will take less time figuring out what you need to do next. This means that you will stay more organized, hence stress-free. The best way to keep your future schedule is by recording in a laboratory notebook. Some experiments require you to follow specific protocols. Listing these protocols in a notebook will help you to be well prepared. In addition, you can refer back to the protocols in a repeat experiment. You can also make necessary changes going forward.

Organizing your work helps to sort it out in terms of department, projects, and teams. You can easily refer back to your notebook if you need to delegate your work.

Keep Track of Your Work

One of the main and obvious benefits of a laboratory notebook is that it helps you to keep track of your work. This means that you can record ideas and experiment progress. In addition, you can easily access this information at any time. When you record all the steps and results of your work, it will be easy to pick up from where you left. In addition, it will be easier to double-check your work before proceeding to your next step.

Helps Keep Track Of Your Team

Most lab experiments involve multiple people working together. Therefore, there are some experiment parts that you are not directly involved in. Lab notebooks can help you avoid mistakes, and double-check team’s work easily to avoid mistakes.


Lab experiments can lead to a discovery that you will want to patent. The patent process requires you to show the process and record of your work, and also your experiment schedule. This is important especially if there is a contention. A record of your work on a notebook will help you prove that your work is original. If you want to publish your research, you will need data or evidence to back it up. Without a well-documented experiment, it will be very hard to prove there is merit in your publications.

Reference for other people

A lab notebook is also helpful for your team members. Organized notes are extremely beneficial in the sense that people can speed up work without asking clarifications on missing notes or experiment details. With protocols available, it becomes easier for your team members to do experiments according to instructions.

In essence, lab notebooks are a must have for every laboratory technician. These books, will not only make your work easier but also will serve as a guide to people interested in your experiments. Purpose to buy a laboratory notebook before engaging in your next project and witness your tasks being made easier.

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