Is Technology Ruining Your Child’s Life?


Today a child’s life is full of technology. From watching television, to playing on an X-Box, to being immersed in social media, or playing on iPhones or iPads, kids spend more time indoors than out. Children are spending a predominant amount of time indoors instead of in nature. This can actually have a negative impact on their development and health. There are actually many benefits to children playing outdoors. In fact, swimming is known to be the fourth most popular sporting activity in the U.S. What better way to get exercise than outdoor activities? Well, summer camp activities are a good place to start.

With school ending for summer break it is time to plan activities that keep children outdoors such as summer camp activities. Enroll your child in summer camp and watch them flourish. You may be wondering, “Is my child ready for summer camp?”. The answer is yes when it comes to keeping them healthy with fun activities that they can enjoy with other children their age. There are even options for summer camp for toddlers and summer camps for young children so children of all ages get the benefits offered by summer programs.

The Advantages of Summer Camp Activities

Summer camp is a great way to get kids outdoors to play outside while also developing learning abilities. Camps tend to utilize outdoor equipment that help kids learn through play so they are educated while adapting to new information. Outdoor learning also encourages the use of new skills that could not otherwise be learned inside a classroom.

The Health Benefits of Playing Outside

While camps encourage kids to keep in touch with their parents, there is typically not much use of technology. Instead playing outside, socializing and learning new outdoor skills are encouraged. Keeping children active is good for their health when it comes to building strong minds and bones. You child’s fitness level will be improved while they use extra energy that burns off calories too. A good mix of fresh air, sunshine and mother nature in general help children absorb vital nutrients such as vitamin D.

Camp Unleashes Creativity

Playing in the great outdoors also encourages creativity. When children are away from the confinement and constraints of playing indoors their imaginations are unleashed. Nature has a way of stimulating play that gives children the opportunity to tap into their creative side.

Being outside is a great place to gain social skills while being face to face with other kids. Since the outdoors tends to be vast and open, there is less of a chance of a child feeling intimidated. Group summer camp activities help kids come out of an otherwise shy mind-set while enjoying fun activities and games. They will begin to talk to other kids their age which enables them to make new friends. Learning social skills is just an added perk to sending your child to camp in the summer.

Summer Camp Activities Are Good for Your Child’s Well-Being

Playing outdoors can give a child a sense of freedom that makes them calm and happy. Just being outside gives kids the opportunity to improve a bad mood and create a more positive mental attitude. Is your child normally fidgety? Giving them the opportunity to release built up energy is a positive and happens a lot at camp.

It is always healthy when a child is given the chance to explore the great outdoors. Whether swimming, hitting the trails or other types of group activities are encouraged, when children are given the opportunity to explore nature, they tend to learn more about themselves and the world around them. They also learn limits by pushing boundaries and learning how to assess risks better. It builds a certain level of confidence in kids when they learn new things through exploring.

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