Excelerate Spanish Program is the Most Fun and Immersive Homeschool Spanish Curriculum Ever

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Excelerate Spanish is a unique and effective homeschool Spanish curriculum that doesn’t require background experience so ANY parent can easily use the program to teach their children the new language. This program has been designed and customized to offer a visual and practical learning experience with the necessary instructions, workbooks and lesson books for the student to drill.

Finding an ideal Spanish curriculum for you and your family, however, is important when learning the language through excelerate Spanish teaching program. The program is not just for homeschoolers but anyone looking to learn or improve their Spanish language skills quickly — and at their own pace.

Teaching Spanish to elementary students, in particular, is challenging but again this is considered a good stage to introduce kids to a new language because of the high learning and retention rate. Being fluent in multiple languages can be an added advantage in this ever-dynamic world especially for Americans who borders most of the Spanish speaking nations.

While there’re hundreds of valuable languages out there for your children to learn Spanish is considered the most spoken language in the United States according to a survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. However, it’s sad that not much emphasis has been put and enforced to ensure children learn this important means of communication in their onset years.

For many years now, there has been a need for a quality Spanish curriculum that can be used by all ages. There wasn’t much reliable material out there to teach this language and the few that were there were too pricey for many to afford. Soon the era of class teaching was coming to an end with the introduction of excelerate Spanish curriculum, which is more thorough and friendly to use.

Total Physical Response (TPR)

This is the approach used in the excelerate Spanish program uses to ensure fast, thorough and engaging learning of Spanish for kids and anyone else interested.

  • Illustrate new vocabulary through action
  • Stories paired with those actions and words
  • Audio-Visual integration with hearing
  • Practice all that on workbooks
  • Extra fun and engaging exercise, among other components

How is a Standard Excelerate Spanish Curriculum

Typically, each elementary Spanish lesson starts with a video where new vocabulary words are illustrated through actions. Students are expected to repeat and complete certain movements paired with new words in a skit like a manner. They also act out what the teacher dictates and this makes it so much fun. Other skits can be achieved without the vide.

After a video demonstration of vocabulary words, the next phase of the excelerate Spanish curriculum is comprehension questions that are on the workbook. It’s often recommended to exhaustively use the video in a particular lesson before moving on to fill the workbook afterward. The questions are simple and based on what you’ll have covered in video-word illustration. In addition to exposure, comprehension questions allow you to practice new words and assess your grasp of the language.

It’s common to feel the pressure of having to speak Spanish in the initial stages of your lessons. And this is where the problems come in because you’re essentially putting yourself in a position of anxiety, which hampers your ability to understand the language. Instead, you’re advised to only speak when motivated or want to pass information.

The idea of embedding new vocabulary with actions provides additional practice platforms and also promotes the brain’s ability to process this new information. This method works perfectly that children end up grasping the language quickly and remember the associations long afterward. Excelerate Spanish program is effective and affordable.

A complete material set includes some DVDs covering multiple lessons, a teacher’s guidebooks, a student workbook and an answer key. While you may not need all of the pieces, note that each piece is valuable and highly determines your fluency and functional communication skills after.

In conclusion, you need to invest in modern learning materials if you’re homeschooling your children. Having this program will prove helpful when utilized maximally. It’s immersive and overwhelming at the same time but the results are so real that you can learn Spanish within a very short period of time.


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