Trying New Things

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You never know what you’re capable of unless you try.

You never thought you would run a half marathon.

You never thought you would be a stay at home mom.

You never thought you would do six unassisted pull ups.

You never thought you would teach group fitness classes.

You never thought you would earn a nutrition certification.

Being open to new experiences has enriched your life beyond what you thought was possible, and it has taught you that if you hear that little voice inside your head saying “what if” or “why not me,” it might be time to jump in with your whole heart!

Tonight you are really branching out and co-hosting a webinar about health coaching. Tomorrow morning, however, you are preparing to embark on a different kind of improvement task. You are going to begin to research about the available preschool options for your oldest daughter. You hope that the fact that you feel confident in yourself and have been willing to try new things will enable you to trust yourself in making this important educational decision for your daughter.

Beginning Preschool Spanish Lessons Are a Great Option for Many Parents

In this time of uncertainty from everything about health to education, it should come as no surprise that parents across the nation are spending even more time talking about the schooling decisions that they need to make for their children. And while there has certainly been a lot of attention on graduating high school and college seniors and other students being promoted from their current programs, it is important to note that there is an entire new generation of learners who are just ready to start. So many educators, administrators, and parents have even admitted that finishing the last school year online was a challenge, but they acknowledge that if the next year starts online that might be even more difficult.

And even meeting in person comes with its challenges, especially for the youngest of learners. It will be important, for instance, for parents to not only look at considerations like Spanish language immersion programs, but also the Covid protocol that these schools have in place. For while it is exciting to thing that you have found a perfect preschool that will offer preschool Spanish lessons, early robotics, and other academic possibilities, it is going to be increasingly important to know about the cleaning processes as well.

Dual language immersion programs continue to grow in popularity at all levels, and parents have many choices when they begin to search for preschool choices. Knowing that the staff to child ratio is low, understanding that the administrators will follow the letter of the law about reporting Covid-19 cases, and that the teachers and para professionals are well screened are all considerations that today’s parents will need to make. And in a time when there is a renewed focus on preparing children to grow up in a global society, it is important to note that preschool Spanish lessons and other academic advantages will matter.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the many ways that a second language experience can be the perfect fit for your child as they begin their education during these uncertain and challenging times:

  • It is important to take advantage of the critical time in early development when acquiring language skills comes naturally and easily. A child’s capacity to pronounce unfamiliar, foreign sounds and to absorb new grammar rules, like those taught in preschool Spanish lessons, is highly enhanced prior to age six.
  • For their first eight years, children naturally acquire language skills, by learning primarily through imitation, repetition, songs, and games.
  • Many countries mandate the introduction of foreign language in schools by age eight, while students in the U.S., unfortunately, often wait until junior or senior high school for their first exposure to a foreign language curriculum. This means they only have four years of study versus 10 or 12 years when these skills are introduced earlier.

Finding a way to improve yourself is certainly a great goal, but most parents also realize that in addition to making the best decisions for themselves it is also important to find the best opportunities for their children. For many families, this starts with selecting the right schools.

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