Grand Canyon University: Fostering Education and Faith



What Is Grand Canyon University?

Grand Canyon University has been a remarkable choice for those who wish to pursue higher education while investing in their values, as well. Thousands of students choose the Christian college because they recognize the worth of having their university experience include fostering knowledge about their career, but also about their faith. According to, educator quality is one of the most important factors when it comes to student achievement. GCU takes this to heart not only when educating their own students, but also when striving to help local students K-12 find Christian or Catholic schools to attend.

What Is Cristian Schools AZ?

Grand Canyon University, in association with Catholic Education Arizona, Bourgade Catholic, and Seton Catholic in the Diocese of Phoenix, has put together a project with the goal of benefitting both Cristian schools and students K-12. The project is Christian Schools AZ. It takes into consideration the availability that seven different Phoenix-metro area Christian and Catholic Schools have and then guides families towards the school that is best suited to their individual needs. The website created for the project,, aids in educating families on the different schools. The project serves to help families realize that a Christian education is accessible and more affordable than they may originally believe, all thanks to the state tax credit program.

Celebrating Faith

The pilot project accomplishes multiple things. It gives local families the opportunity to gain more knowledge about all that a Christian School setting can do for a student. It also showcases the power of collaboration between different Christian and Catholic schools. Everyone benefits when the schools, as well as their community, come together to promote how rewarding Christian or Catholic educations can be. The main goal, of course, is to support students in finding high-quality education that helps them not only thrive in their general schooling but in their faith, as well.

The project is not in its final form, however. GCU, in conjunction with the aforementioned seven schools, is continuing to monitor the pilot project in hopes to pursue further expansion and inclusion later on this year. To learn more about the project, you can visit the previously referenced website, You can also find out more by contacting Catholic Education Arizona or Grand Canyon University. We would be happy to tell you more about the project, its trajectory, and the child tax credit.

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