Energy 101 Home Energy Assessment



We should all be energy conscious, however, it can be hard to figure out exactly where your energy dollars are going. Home energy assessment services can tell you exactly what is wasting energy in your home. Comprehensive home energy assessment services provide you with the information you need to stop throwing money out the window on energy costs.

Video Source

This video takes you along on a home energy assessment and shows you exactly what you can expect during the service. It is interesting to see how many areas this type of assessment checks to look for drafts, energy usage, and waste. A comprehensive energy assessment will go through your home from the attic to the basement and check all of the energy-using appliances.

This video reveals a lot about how home energy is likely being wasted in every home in the United States. Every homeowner should have an assessment done so that they can keep the results in mind as they upgrade their home to a more energy-efficient place to live.Watch this video now to learn more about a home energy assessment.


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