How to Install a Vinyl Privacy Fence



In this video, you will learn about the fence supplies you need to install a vinyl privacy fence. The fence contractor wanted to establish a double driveway gate that was going to be a four-foot-tall vinyl fence.

In fencing a home, vinyl is a popularly used material because it is:
– Requires low maintenance and cleaning.
– It is five times stronger than wood.

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– It does not decompose, absorb moisture, blister or peel off.
– It is long-lasting with a record of 20 -30 years.
– Unlike aluminum, vinyl fences can offer complete privacy by having no spaces between.
– It is available in many attractive designs and styles

The contractor also used an aluminum I-beam put in hollow vinyl pole to provide the gate with the sturdy support it needed. Additionally, he used concrete to seal the pole into the ground. Concrete is an excellent construction material used for its binding ability in the foundation stages of a structure. It is usually applied when wet and then given time (24 hours minimum) to dry and set into a strong base.
If you want to know the fence supplies needed to install a vinyl fence, watch this video to learn much more.

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