How a Doctor for Detoxing Can Help a Patient Beat Alcoholism

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In the video below, Dr. Mike explores the connection between mental health, alcohol dependence, and withdrawal. He will dive into the science behind why alcohol consumption can be dangerous.

While previous studies have shown that drinking in moderation can benefit our physical health, Dr. Mike disagrees and cites newer data showing the full impact that even one standard alcohol drink can have on the body.

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He illustrates how alcohol interacts with the body and its effect even with one standard-size drink. Using science, Dr. Mike will show how alcohol can interrupt the regular neurotransmitter activity and lead to depression.

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Dr. Mike describes how prolonged exposure to any amount of alcohol can lead to a lack of balance within the body and long-term physiological changes in the central nervous system, which creates physical alcohol dependence. Sudden withdrawal from alcohol can send the body into crises in both physical and mental health.

Alcohol interacts with the central nervous system and can impact one’s physical and mental health.  The mental and medical consequences of alcohol withdrawal demand that once a person has developed alcohol dependence, they must seek a doctor for detoxing to ensure safe withdrawal from alcohol.

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