What You Should Really Know About Commercial Refrigeration



If you are interested in learning more about commercial refrigeration, consider some tips and tricks from experienced people in the field. With a refrigeration system comes a metering device to lower the temperature and pressure, as well as an evaporator to absorb the heat. The compressor is a part that condenses low-pressure vapor to higher pressures, and the condenser rejects the heat and adds some sub-cooling before sending it back.

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The compressor sends the pressure through the discharge line to the condenser, which then changes from vapors to liquids to dump off the heat. The liquid line then follows the pressure to the metering device, which brings it to the saturation point. The end of the evaporator is picking up the excess heat to begin the cycle all over again. There are medium and low-temperature units, with a walk-in and reach-in refrigerator being set at different temperatures. If you are interested in learning more about the functions of residential or commercial refrigeration systems, you can contact a professional for further assistance for your new installation or refrigeration repair.


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