The RedVector Guide to Fire Protection Systems



There is no doubt that a fire protection system can save lives. A fire alarm system is one of the essential elements of a fire protection system. The video below from FMC explains how a fire alarm system notifies the fire department that a fire is in progress.

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Most people are familiar with the basics of a fire alarm system and that one of its primary objectives is to notify tenants and other occupants that there is a fire. One could easily assume that the alarm simply alerts the fire department directly, but there’s actually more to the process. The whaling alert sound of a fire alarm gets people’s attention and gives them an opportunity to evacuate the premises. However, most people are not aware of how the system alerts the fire department.

Learn the ways that a monitored fire alarm system sends a signal to the local fire department. It is interesting to learn how these systems function and how the systems are responsible for speedy responses from the fire department. After watching this video the next time you hear a fire alarm going off you will know exactly how the system sends a signal out to the fire department. Watch now to learn more.

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