How to Clean Brown Suede Booties



Suede boots are stylish for both men and women, but one thing about them that’s rarely talked about is how to clean them. Due to their texture, most people assume that cleaning suede boots is tricky, but that’s not the case; a person can clean a pair of brown suede booties in under ten minutes. This review will list steps on how to do this.
According to the narrator in the video, there are several things needed to clean suede boots, with the most important one being a brush and eraser kit because it does most of the work.

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Something else you can use is white vinegar and microfiber cloths.
The first step to cleaning suede boots is unlacing them if they have laces and then knocking off any dirt by clapping both soles together.
The second step is using the brush to clean the suede boots. For this step, the boots should be brushed in one direction, from one end to the other.
The third step is using the eraser to remove any stains on the boot. Some people might be worried the eraser can damage the boots due to its coarse texture, but it won’t.
To remove tough stains like beer and wine, people should apply white vinegar on a microfiber cloth and gently clean the affected area.

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