5 Different Types of Chemical Reactions



Many chemical reactions fall into one of five categories. Understanding these types of reactions will help you predict the products of an unfamiliar reaction. Synthesis, decomposition, combustion, single-replacement, and double replacement are the five primary types of chemical reactions. Analyzing the products and reactants of a specific reaction will enable you to categorize it. Some reactions will fall into multiple categories.

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A synthesis reaction occurs when two or more compounds react to form a single new compound. Combination reactions are also known as synthesis reactions.

A decomposition reaction occurs when a compound is broken down into two or several simple molecules. The majority of decomposition reactions necessitate an energy input in the form of electricity, heat, and light. A single-replacement reaction takes place when one substance replaces another in a compound. Component A is a metal in this general reaction and replaces component B, also a metal, in the element. A double-replacement reaction takes place when the negative and positive ions of two ionic substances exchange places, resulting in the formation of two new substances. A combustion reaction occurs when a compound reacts with oxygen, releasing energy as heat and light. O2 must be present in chemical reaction tanks during a combustion reaction.


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