Installing Interior Shutters

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Do you want to learn how to install your own indoor mount shutters? Then this video on shutter installation is a great resource for you.

Don’t worry about hiring shutter installation services for this one. This process can be fairly simple.

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You will need a few tools before starting the installation. The tools you will need are a drill, a Philips bit, a pencil or marker, and a level. All shutters have the same basic parts. Your shutters will come with a frame, panels, and hardware. The pieces or parts may be a little different depending on the shutters you ordered. Don’t worry, you will still follow the same steps from the video to hang them. As long as you check the instructions your shutters came with, you will be good to go to follow along. It’s always a good idea to lay out all of your pieces on the floor first to ensure you aren’t missing anything. Each frame is typically marked to indicate where in the window it will sit.

If you just purchased indoor shutters, and want to install them yourself, then this video is for you. Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos!


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