HVAC Gauges Simplified!



HVAC professionals have many tools to ensure the proper working of the air conditioning and ventilation systems. The gauges measure pressure, which helps the professional make decisions on repairs. It also helps them choose ideal temperatures for comfort in commercial and residential properties. Here is what you need to ensure your recovery pump HVAC is working properly.

The HVAC gauge consists of two meters held by a manifold.

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The red meter is the high-pressure valve, and the blue one is the low-pressure valve. Correct calibration of the valves ensures proper measurement of the systems. Each valve has a hose. An extra yellow hose on the manifold goes into the recovery pump HVAC. Therefore, before starting any HVAC checks, ensure that the valves or meters have their measuring pins at zero.

When you have an HVAC problem, it is best to call professionals to handle it. HVAC gauges have hoses that go into the home system for assessment. Ensure that you connect the gauges properly. The end of the hose that goes into the home or recovery pump HVAC system has a depressor, while the side going into the manifold is wide open. The depressors ensure that contaminants from the air do not get in through the HVAC system.

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