What Can You Expect a Manufactured Home to Cost?



A manufactured home refers to a particular type of housing that is mainly built off-site in a factory before getting transported to its final location on wheels. Although many modern homes have parts that are built off-site, these houses are completely constructed before they reach the actual site.

These types of homes can also comprise a series of modular units that are assembled on-site but transported separately. Once delivered to its final location, the water, power, and sanitary systems will then be connected accordingly.

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Since they can be permanently attached to a foundation, most people usually can’t tell them apart from traditional houses.

Since they are transported on wheels to their location, people still refer to them as mobile homes. However, these manufactured houses are rarely moved again after they have been transported to their location. And unlike RVs and other mobile homes, they also can’t move on their own.

Watch this video by Kristina Smallhorn, where you’ll discover the real cost of a manufactured home. Since you have to consider several costs when you’re purchasing one, such as land development fees, setup fees, and other fees aside from the price of the home, it’d be best to understand everything so you won’t be in the dark when you sign the papers. Here, you’ll also learn about other things you should know before purchasing your brand-new manufactured house.


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