Updating Your Schools Online Presence



How can you perfect your school’s online presence? This video discusses web design for schools and how you can make the most of your school’s online presence. How a website is designed plays a vital role in how the website is seen by users.

Web design for schools should always focus on the user’s experience. In this case, parents are primary users, and that needs to be considered.

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This video provides tips and tricks for the best way to design a website with parent users in mind.

This video offers ten tips and tricks that any school can apply to improve their online presence and improve user experience. Following the tips and tricks in this video can improve your school’s online presence, deliver information to those concerned, and make it a popular site for all concerned parties. Ramping up your school’s online presence can improve parent satisfaction.

Watch this video to learn more about how you can make some simple changes to your school’s website to improve visitor engagement and overall experience.


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