The Science Behind Opioid Addiction Treatment Center Services

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Opioid addiction is a serious problem across the United States. Some people are introduced to opioids on the street, while others are prescribed them by well-meaning doctors. Unfortunately, all opioids are addictive. In order to treat pain, they bind to dopamine receptors and also produce a feeling of euphoria. This triggers addiction and cravings.

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Even worse, when someone tries to stop taking opioids, they don’t just feel the lack of the drug. Their bodies also experience a stress response that causes them to shake and feel dysphoric. Their bodies may have stopped producing dopamine properly, so they may struggle to get out of bed or do anything. Overall, the experience is so horrible that many people just can’t manage to break out of the cycle of addiction on their own.

Luckily, science is now on our side. At an opioid addiction treatment center, people who have been taking opioids can receive methadone and supportive services. Methadone is a safe medication that occupies the same receptors as opioids, eliminating cravings and stopping the body’s stress response from happening. With this essential pharmaceutical support, people with opioid addiction can benefit more from support services like individual counseling and group therapy.

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