Micro Schools Explained


About 55% of parents surveyed report that their child’s learning style is conducive to digital learning models. COVID quarantining has changed how people feel about traditional elementary school and secondary school models. The pandemic has left many parents looking for an alternative elementary school setting that is more conducive to how their children learn. Many parents are finding the elementary alternative options they are searching for by watching this video.

This video defines micro schools, why micro schools are working, and even how to start your own microschool. Micro schools are similar to the one room school house model of days gone by. The micro school can be located in a non-traditional setting and can be lead by a parent, an educator or a combination of both. This type of school setting has become very popular since the onset of the pandemic but have been around since the early 2000s.

If you are searching for an alternative school setting, this video can help you to better understand how these types of schools may be able to fit your needs. The presenter explains how to start your own school and provides resources for getting started. Watch this video now to learn more about this parent driven movement in education.

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