The Differences Between Debit and Credit Cards



In this video, you will learn about a credit card through your bank. It can be challenging to understand the differences between a debit card and a credit card. The main thing to know about a debit card is that it is kind of like cash.

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When you use your debit card, it pulls the cash directly out of your checking or savings account. When you use a credit card, that money does not get pulled directly out of your bank account. You can use your credit card for an item or service, but the money will not be pulled out of your account. Every month, you have to pay off your credit card balance. Many people find themselves in credit card debt. While a debit card and credit card are very similar, there are these key differences that make them different. Some credit card companies also offer rewards. A very popular type of rewards benefit is travel rewards. The more you spend on your credit card while traveling, the more travel rewards you will get. Keep watching the rest of this video for more information.

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