Little Known Facts on Aftermarket Auto Parts



Shopping for car parts can be overwhelming. But thanks to the internet, options are endless and it can be confusing and time-consuming to find the right parts for your needs. One the challenges car part shoppers face is whether to buy OEM or aftermarket parts.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Vs Aftermarket Auto Parts
Because your vehicle has only one manufacturer, you will only have one option for an OEM part. However, with aftermarket parts, you may have a plethora of manufacturers to choose from.

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A large selection means more competition, lower prices, and more convenience. The aftermarket version of a part you need is much more likely to be found at your local parts store, whereas the OEM version may need to be ordered, delaying your repair.

If you take your car to a dealer for repairs, the dealer will almost certainly use OEM parts. However, they are more expensive as a result of the typical dealer markup. When you purchase aftermarket parts, they are sometimes manufactured by the same company that sold them to your vehicle’s manufacturer. When you buy aftermarket parts, you may not be paying the manufacturer’s markup.

Aftermarket auto parts can be manufactured in large quantities and designed to fit the specifications of various types of vehicles, not just a single vehicle make and model. They are similar in type and quality to OEM parts and tend to fit.


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