Different Types of Forklifts

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Forklifts are incredibly useful vehicles that can lift and move heavy objects safely and efficiently. This video will explore the various types of forklifts and the differences between them.

Manual Palette Truck

A manual palette truck is the simplest and cheapest type of forklift. It utilizes a steel machine with a hydraulic pump that the operator pumps up and down to lift the palettes off the ground. Two steel prongs are used to get under the palette and securely carry it.

Power Palette Trucks

Power palette trucks are an electrical version of the manual palette truck. Instead of the operator manually pumping the handle to lift palettes, an electric motor does the heavy lifting.

Four-Wheel Counter-Balance Forklift

This is the most common forklift. They have dual forks and a counter-balance weight on the back of the vehicle to keep it from tipping over. There are versions that run on diesel and others that run on electricity.

Reach Trucks

Reach trucks feature an extended forklift height that allows them to lift and place objects at high levels. They’re invaluable to warehouses with multiple levels of storage.

There are plenty more where that came from. For more information on the various types of forklift trucks, check out the video in the link above.

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