Are You Using Hose Clamps Wrong?

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Hose clamps have many uses, from DIY craft projects to fixing hardware like radiators. They’re easy to use and, if applied correctly, a humble hose clamp can sort out a problem like a leak in minutes.

However, sometimes a quick fix is not the solution. It’s like using duct tape on your dinged-up car when you should have just paid a panel-beater. The same applies to hose clamps.

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In fact, there are situations when you shouldn’t use a hose clamp at all, and using one will result in more trouble than when you started. In some cases, clamping can be a long-term fix if hose clamps are applied properly and made from quality materials. Due to their durability, hose clamps can be used as a lasting solution for everything from boating to tamper-proof sign fixings.

Hose clamps are great for leaky pipes and hoses, but not all hoses are created equal. Soft-material hoses like silicone hoses can be sensitive to materials like stainless steel.

If you try to wrap a stainless steel hose clamp on a silicone hose to stop a leak, you’ll end up causing an even bigger problem. Steel clamps can damage the material of the hose and may tear the hose more or may even completely destroy it.


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