What You Should Know for Setting up a Commercial Kitchen

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A commercial kitchen is a space used to prepare, store and serve food. It can be found in restaurants, schools, hospitals, and even food trucks. Following the local health department regulations, a commercial kitchen needs to be set up.

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The kitchen should be clean and well-organized so that it is easy to work in. A person must plan out the layout before starting any construction work or purchasing equipment. One should also ensure that it is adequately ventilated and that the equipment used there will not pose any safety hazards for the staff working there. Here are two things one should know when setting up a commercial kitchen

  • What type of business does one have? Do they want their customers to order from a menu? If so, a person might need multiple ovens or burners depending on how many orders come through during peak hours.
  • How much space does one have available? This will help determine whether a person needs countertops installed above floors or just enough room between them so they don’t interfere with their tasks while working together. Contact home to learn more about this topic.


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