What You Should Know About Implicit Bias Training

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This video covers some things you might not know about implicit bias training. Implicit bias training is a term you have heard frequently over the last few years.

What is Implicit Bias?

Implicit bias refers to the prejudices automatically and unconsciously connected with people or locations. Implicit bias is, in most cases, based on social generalizations or stereotyped beliefs. The common factors that influence implicit bias are gender, ethnic background, religion, sexual preferences, abilities, and age.

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These particular types of prejudice are associated with attitudes and actions.

What is Implicit Bias Training?

implicit bias training solutions encourage workers to discover, analyze, and overcome inherent feelings that could lead to poor decisions and impede projects and objectives. Implicit bias training helps to achieve the following.

Understanding Implicit Bias

The first part of the training focuses on understanding the bias, risks, and how it can impede sound workplace decision-making.

Identifying Bias

The second part discusses the most prevalent types of bias and how much they can impact the company and staff.

The final part of the training covers several of the routines, methods, and techniques for dealing with workplace bias.

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