What Does a Crop Insurance Company Do?

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This video will show you the tasks carried out by a crop insurance company. Having a crop insurance policy is a non-negotiable requirement for farmers. A crop insurance policy offers indemnity against natural damage to a farmer’s yield.

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Some of the causes of crop damage that a crop insurance company covers include drought, hail, frost, moisture, wind, insects, pests, and diseases.

What does a crop insurance company do? A hail insurance company first gauges the level of damage that the crops have suffered. Each cause of crop damage has specific signs associated with it. Insurance experts measure leaf damage through defoliation. Defoliation is the process of removing a leaf and analyzing the proportion of it that has been destroyed.

Insurance experts also analyze crop damage on other plant parts by identifying cracking, bruising, and breaking. After this analysis, experts record the data along with other essential aspects, including the date of damage and degree of growth of the destroyed crops. Insurance companies gauge and record crop damage multiple times to ascertain the full extent of loss at harvest. Once they have proved this damage, insurance companies compensate farmers through revenue protection.

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