A Beginners Guide to Golf Cart Operation



Those who want to be part of the golf cart business should learn to perform excellent maintenance and keep each unit running smoothly. Maintaining a golf cart in optimal conditions isn’t easy, but you can learn the basics by reading this article.

The first thing you should have for your golf cart is a manual for maintenance and repairs, as most golf carts come with one when you buy them. These manuals have an in-depth explanation of how to repair each of the golf cart components and are newbie-friendly.

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As a golf cart owner, you should check the state of the engine and see if it has any oil leak or other noticeable malfunction. Also, check the oil levels and make sure they are in the recommended place. Oil filters are a common malfunction for golf carts. Check that they are working well and are in good condition. Lastly, be sure to check and clean the air filters regularly.

A well-done golf cart maintenance doesn’t take much time and helps keep the vehicle in top condition. If you need in-depth explanations for any other malfunction, check the golf cart user’s manual.


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