What Questions Should I Ask to Find the Best Pre K School?



Finding the best pre k school is vital so that your child starts learning correctly and develops social skills that’ll be important in the future. The Youtube video “Ask 6 Questions When You Tour a Preschool-How to Choose a Preschool-Montessori/Play Based/Any Type!” has the best advice so you can discover the right place for your child. Let’s find out more!

The first question you should ask a teacher or director of a pre k school is why they decided to start working in education. Liking children doesn’t make someone a good educator, and they should be able to answer why they chose this path easily.

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The second question you should ask is how they discipline the children. If there’s a conflict, how do they stop it?

The answer you want from them has to be akin to trying to calm the kids down, ease the conflict, and make them understand why they did wrong. The next question is something you should ask yourself: is the environment made for children or for adults? A school room and any other part of the pre k school should be focused on child development but also be safe for kids.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about finding the best pre k school.


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