What to Know Before Writing a Will



If you’re thinking about estate planning and don’t know what you should put in your will, look no further. The Youtube video “Eight Things NOT To Put in Your Will” has some great tips when it comes to wills and professionally recommended content. Let’s find out more!

Some states permit people to write their own wills without any requirements, and it’s legally viable. However, family members will take that testament to a lawyer, who might notice a provision that doesn’t make sense and wonder why the deceased added it.

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Conferring with a pro can help you make sure your will is legally viable and won’t cause confusion for your loved ones.

Firstly, you should not add funeral arrangements. It’s simply not a good idea because most family members don’t take a look at wills until after a funeral. Instead, you need a separate document stating your wishes. The same can be said about organ donation. By the time your family reads the testament, it’ll be too late. There are other ways to state that you want to be an organ donor, and you can look those up easily online.


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