What Distinguishes a Charter Preschool from a Regular One?

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There are many important decisions to make regarding your child’s education. The first and most important decision you’ll make is to select the school your child will attend. Parents may send their children to private, public, or charter schools. The main difference between private and public schools is that private schools are run independently of the government. They are responsible for their funding and can design their curriculum.

Video Source

The YouTube video “Do you know what a charter school is” defines what a charter school is.

Selecting a Charter Preschool

There are various benefits to choosing a charter school over a private or public school. Charter schools get government funding. They offer the quality of a private school with the benefits of no tuition, similar to a public school. Some charted schools do charge for certain programs and classes. That’s a significant benefit for parents that have several children.

Another great benefit is their unique approach to education. They are not required to follow public school curriculums. Charter schools can develop their curriculum. This means that their education is tailored to meet their educational goals. Selecting a charter preschool for your child is similar to having the benefits of both private and public schools.


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