How a Child Benefits From Attending a Religiously-Affiliated School



Religious education is beneficial to children in lower and middle grades. The benefits of this academic model reach both the intellectual and social-emotional needs of a child. The faith-based curriculum is designed with intention and focus on the child’s academic, emotional, and spiritual foundations. Acccording to education experts, it’s estimated that 78% of students attending a private institution attend a religiously affiliated one. Let’s look at some of the many benefits of a faith-based private elementary school.

Building Community

At the foundation of many religions is a strong sense of community. Like-minded individuals come together to do life. In this day, the community is in short supply. Creating and building community, however, is just as important today as it was to our ancestors. In a faith-based private elementary school, students can come together with peers and staff who share the same values, beliefs, and goals. When children learn in a strong community atmosphere it can help them to create a secure sense of self and a secure sense of their place in the world.

More Individualized Attention

Another benefit of a faith-based private elementary school is that these programs often have the benefit of more individualized attention. Religiously affiliated schools are often much smaller than local public institutions. Anytime your child can have more individualized attention, they will benefit academically. When children come up against learning challenges it’s necessary to have someone come alongside them and guide them through the learning hurdle. Smaller institutions make this possible.

Value-Based Education

Children excel in learning when they know why it’s important to be learning the things they are learning. Value-based learning puts a solid emphasis on the values that bolster the entire educational journey. There is more to an education than simply finding a good-paying job someday. A value-based curriculum helps a child understand how their presence on this planet is important and why their educational training will help them fulfill their purpose in life.

This purpose will encompass their academic skills, social-emotional development, and community service-mindedness. All of these facets of education should come together to help a young person emerge into society ready to be a light and help.

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