How Is Critical Race Theory Affecting Catholic Schools?



Catholic schools in the United States have not been immune to the debates surrounding Critical Race Theory. Catholic educators and parents are rightfully concerned that CRT concepts could conflict with the teachings of the faith and diminish some of the benefits provided by academic structures that prioritize values based on Catholicism. Here are some ways that CRT conflicts with the benefits of Catholic school education.

Emphasized Principles in Catholic School

Catholic education emphasizes principles such as unity, compassion, and individual dignity rooted in religious values and biblical teachings. CRT focuses on the discussion of systemic racism, which is a more accessible concept by way of emphasizing the universal dignity of all individuals as God’s children.

One of the key benefits of this academic structure is the focus on social justice, equality of all humans, and empathy. CRT critics find that this theory only works to separate people of different races further. Catholic institutions emphasize broader themes of social justice, charity, and human dignity prioritizing the present rather than the past.

A Divisive Trend

From a Catholic perspective, CRT is a political trend that has caused more division in the United States than healing. The Catholic school system serves over 1,688,417 students (about twice the population of Delaware), according to Very Well Family. Those families entrust our institutions to teach their children the values and morals that align with the religion.

CRT is a political trend that does not support the benefits of our school education that parents have relied on for generations. CRT is underpinned by identity politics, which contains nuances that conflict with the notion that all humans are equal under God’s eyes. The CRT doctrine looks at every aspect of life through a negative lens that is not particularly beginner-friendly for students learning about social justice.

Commitment to Education and Unity

Catholic programs will continue to provide a proven effective curriculum. Students can expect to learn about important global social topics with the encouragement to inquire about

There are many benefits of Catholic school education that prepare young minds to succeed in this world. CRT debate will likely continue with little impact on our education systems and beliefs.

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