What is a Streetworks Training?



Streetworks training, particularly the NRSWA Streetworks Training offered by Industrial Training Services, plays a pivotal role in equipping operatives and supervisors with essential skills for working on roads and highways. The comprehensive five-day course covers various aspects, including a crucial one-day module dedicated to Sign Line Guarding.

The theoretical segment delves into vital references such as the red code of practice and the pink book, providing insights into setting up traffic control elements like stop-and-go boards and portable traffic signals. Participants learn key parameters, including a maximum speed limit of 60 mph and a coned area length of 300 meters.

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Importantly, the course emphasizes obtaining permission from the Highway Authority, ensuring compliance with regulations.

The practical component of Streetworks Training involves hands-on activities, such as risk assessment, method statement development, and the proper setup and dismantling of traffic lights. The training also focuses on passive and positive traffic control, highlighting the main controller’s role and the importance of facing traffic during setup.

Ultimately, NRWSA Streetworks Training ensures that individuals are well-versed in the safe execution of Sign Line Guarding and other traffic control measures. It equips professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the intricacies of roadworks and contribute to the overall safety of highway operations.


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