How to Become a Licensed Bail Bond Agent in North Carolina


In this YouTube video, Amistad Pros describes how to become a bail bond agent in North Carolina.

Becoming a bounty hunter, or more correctly called a bail bondsman license in North Carolina, starts with an application process, paperwork processing, and passing a state exam.

All new applicants must participate in a two-day bail-education class.

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The cost can be approximately $500.00. Once completed, an application with the state is filled out, and a fee is paid. The price can be $300.00 or more depending on the type of bail bonding license the applicant is applying for. Fingerprinting is done along with a background check. Finally, the applicant schedules and passes a state exam. Exam fees can be around $60.00.

If the applicant passes the state exam, a license is mailed. All newly licensed bail bond agents must work under a supervisory bail bondsman for the first year. If the applicant fails, the applicant can reapply in one year.

Although no formal education or experience is required to become a bail bondsman, in North Carolina, applicants must be a resident for at least six months. They must also be at least 21 years of age, have no prior felonies, and be capable of performing the job.

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