Behind the Stone Italian Marble



The use of imported Italian marble is for more than just cabinets. It’s used for a wide variety of projects in the home, from walls to floors. A special white Italian marble called Carrara marble was the kind that Michelangelo used for his incredible sculptures. Here are more facts about Italian marble from Jitendra Sharma, creator of the YouTube channel Marble Flooring.

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There are many different kinds of marble. They vary mostly in color. Sometimes, individual sellers will give different names for different kinds of marble. Hermes grigio is sought out because it has striking interwoven patterns of black and white. It is found only in Europe. This marble type is commonly used for flooring. How expensive it is depends on the size in square feet, the thickness of the slabs, and if the slabs have prettier patterns than most.

Another kind is the golden Atlantida. As its name suggests, it is a light gold or sand-colored stone with darker gold marbling. These veins or patterns of color found in all kinds of marble are due to the marble being subjected to extremely high temperatures. All marble was originally limestone that, over millennia, was moved down into the Wyeth’s core, superheated, and then moved back up. Rocks on Earth are never still, but constantly moving, albeit very slowly.

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